Thursday, July 2, 2009

Definitely the best idea I've ever had.

Apparently, I just mailed my life away. Awesome.

WAIVER: I understand that running 100 miles is strenuous exercise and has some danger. (OK.) I give statement that I am in good health and there is no medical reason that I should not attempt such a feat. (True.) I know that running on trails poses many hazards, not limited to falls (been there), bad weather (done that), rockslides (this may actually be a problem), getting lost (I watched a lot of MacGuyver as a child), wild animal attack (I'm pretty sure that's not going to happen) and generally dangerous conditions (my life is a "generally dangerous condition"). I am entering this event with full knowledge that I could easily be hurt or face life threatening injuries. I fully assume all risks of injury, illness or death (wait. what?), and release covenant not to sue, and discharge McDowell Regional Park, the race director, volunteers, all sponsors, and any individuals or groups associated with this event, all actions, claims or demands for damages arising out of my participation in this event. (Ok, but my mom is going to be seriously pissed if I die in your desert.) The forgoing release is binding upon me personally as well upon my heirs, executors, and administrators, and all members of my family, or anyone else who may make claim on my behalf. (No seriously. The wrath of Joan is not anything you'd like to experience in this lifetime. You better hope to shit I don't die.)

NOTE: I am only now comprehending what I may have agreed to, as when I was originally reviewing I could not concentrate on anything past the blatant disregard for proper use of commas and horrible abuse of prepositions. For, fuck's, sake, make a legal, disclaimer that i can read, without feeling like I am talking to William Shatner, and stuff, or other stuff, because of stuff, for stuff, of stuff.

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