Saturday, October 31, 2009

JJ100 - LAP 2: I really should have peed by now.

Trick or treat, bitches. (photo cred: Mira).

I came into the Jeadquarters all smiles and feeling absolutely great. I switched outta the fleece moebens and into the nylon, grabbed the sunglasses, reapplied the glide (thank you Jesus), sprayed down with the sunscreen I forgot in the AM and OUT. There would be no time wasted in aid stations today.

The desert heat began to rise and I knew I needed to slow down a bit on this lap. (Vinnie Torres – how many times did you tell me to stay conservative throughout the day so I could run at night? That was what, like 17 facebook posts?) I momentarily panicked as my stomach wretched while eating yet another Vanilla GU, now conveniently baked by my black Moeben pocket. However, I remembered the Slagel-fly told me to ginger it up at the very first hint of stomach issues, so I popped some in pill form stat. I never had another GI issue the entire race.

Panic #2 set in as my right IT started flaring up out of the gate. It’s been 20 miles, WTF? It’s going to be a looooong day if that shit doesn’t subside. Like, NOW. I don’t remember a whole lot from the rest of the loop other than how good I felt otherwise. And how much I loved that middle rolling section. And how much said section was going to suck in about 10 hours. I caught up to mi chica Diana Treister and ran with her on and off for most of the day which was bueno. But I had lost all my other homies… which begged the question, was I going too fast??? Ah, fuck it. I was having FUN. My only real concern was why I hadn’t peed yet.

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  1. Great ginger tip! Committing that one to memory. And just how many vanilla GU's DID you eat? Yuckie. (Maybe the answer will be in your following posts; if that's the case, please disregard this question).