Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Say what you mean...

I have no patience for meaningless expressions. Accordingly, do not tell me you are out "running errands" unless you are actually, physically running. If you are doing anything else, you are free to leave it at "going" and I will inquire if I'm really interested in your mode of transportation. But I guarantee I won't be unless you are running.

Point? Running your errands is actually a really good idea. I do it all the time and here are what I find to be the benefits:
1. Save gas, money and time driving and parking in LA.
2. Teaches you to only buy what is necessary. I carry a small backpack and never buy so much I can't fit it all in. Impulse buys? Not for me.
3. Added benefit of training with weight when running home.

Running my errands is perfect on a day like today when I don't feel like running. I'm still in recovery mode and don't really need a workout - just to get moving. This breaks up the run and gives me a purpose for actually running in the city (blech). Tonight I hit up CVS for the essentials: TP, shampoo, tampons, lotion and some oatmeal bath for this dreaded case of poison oak. Walking around the store takes twice as long for me because I only buy "deals". Except for toilet paper... runners never skimp on TP. That 1-ply will RUIN you.

What always hits me when I'm packing the goods into my bag is how annoyed I am by packaging. It's always too much, mostly unnecessary and altogether confusing. I would sincerely love to one day live in a community where everything is refillable - everything from milk bottles to shampoo containers. Why do we need a whole aisle full of volumizing, bodifying, blonde-specific, magic shampoo? Who needs that many options? And who really wants to pay for "creative" packaging? I just bought a bottle for 77 cents, and people tell me my hair is beautiful all the time. We can all use the same thing. I promise.

Yay for running errands.

That conditioner poking out the top was only 77 cents!


  1. Javelina Jundred is going to be my first 100 miler! Any words of advice?

  2. Dorothy: i LOVE my saucony backpack - i use it every trip b/c it fits everything. however, not so good for running.... way too big. this one works just a little too perfectly not to make use:)

    Dawn: I think you sent me a FB message as well? If so - I promise to respond tonight!